Cleider Gomez

University of California, Irvine
B.S. in Computer Science / 2020

Every day I have new ideas that motivate me to work harder. Ideas ranging from how to improve my morning routine, to what I am going to build at my next hackathon. Possibilities excite me, making it easier to pursue, not only my educational goals, but also, my personal goals. I’m currently studying Computer Science at UCI, but even after graduation, I will always be a student.

Change Log

Dec 2018 Yale Hackathon
Nov 2017 UCI Medical AR Hackathon
Sept 2017 Secretary of ICSSC
Aug 2017 Computer Vision Project
Jul 2017 AT&T Shape Hackathon
May 2016 Developed website for ICSSC
Sept 2016 Started school at UCI


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Measuring Volume with Computer Vision

I developed a program that measures volume in a container using a user's webcam. Written in Python, using the OpenCV library, and tkinter for the UI. Most difficult part was learning OpenCV.

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AT&T Hack: Emotional Companion Robot

Team EmoBots software using IBM Watson API to create an emotional companion that detects your tone and mood and can respond with unique speech and movements. at the AT&T SHAPE Hackathon in LA.

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Yale Hack: Think Beyond

Thinkbeyond is a Chrome Extension and education tool used to help and encourage users to think more critically about the media that they encounter online. Built with NodeJS and google's services, including App Engine and NL API.